Thomson Masterpiece Series Seatpost

I’ve been sitting on Thomson’s seatposts for the better part of 10 years now. Until last year each of my bikes sported one. With that build I have been riding the carbon seatpost that came with the frameset. It wasn’t until last week when I swapped out the single bolt clamp style post for a Thomson Masterpiece setback that I realized just how much difference a seat post can make.

While the weights weren’t much different – 169g for the S-Works carbon post vs 167g for the 7000 series aluminum Thomson (27.2 x 330mm w/ 16mm setback), the differences in saddle adjustments and ride quality were night and day. 

The Thompson uses two small bolts to give ultra-precise tilt adjustments and really lock the saddle in place. Truly a set-it-and-forget-it design. With my single-bolt clamp on my S-Works post I found myself having to readjust and reposition my saddle every few hundred miles. Not fun, just something I’d started doing in my regular bike maintenance routine. Something I can not worry about doing ever again!

Ride quality is vastly different too. I never realized just how much flex was in my old carbon post. With the Thomson I have more road feel transferred through the bike, but it’s not a harsh or painful feeling – you just have a better sense of what kind of road you’re riding over and can tell exactly what the bike is doing under you. After a few rides, I actually prefer it. It’s solid.

The Thomson Masterpiece seatpost is shares the single piece, extruded shaft, forged clamps and all of the smooth lines and curves of the Elite version but manages to trim off an additional 40g from the original. This is achieved by machining a smoother outside surface and thinner wall construction than the Elite.

Sizing options are a bit limited for the Masterpiece compared to the Elite. The longer 440mm length is not an option for this post due to safety precautions. There’s also a 200lb rider weight limit on this version as well.

All in all a solid investment – especially if you’re swapping your OE seatpost for this svelte mount – you could be looking to save 1/4 lb or more with this upgrade and get a more solid feel of the bike. Not to mention never having to adjust your saddle again!

Thomson Masterpiece Series Seatpost










The Good

  • Lightweight
  • Set It & Forget It Adjustability
  • Sleek Design
  • Three Year Warranty

The Bad

  • Pricey(ish)
  • Fewer Sizes Than Elite Line

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