This is my life

This is my life

So what’s the purpose here?

Yeah, this site strays from current best practices for marketing because we’re covering a wide range of topics and not defining one clear niche and focusing solely on that. But then again maybe it does? The real focus is me – a (mostly) clear cut topic catering three major audiences: family, friends and those who want to know me better (and those who already do know my utter distaste and lack of acknowledgement of the Oxford Comma).

Regardless, this project is intended to be a glimpse of the world through my lens and a way to communicate, collaborate, update and share what’s important to me without all the noise of places like Facebook (sorry Mark, nothing personal. Just trying to help teach the folks important in my life that the Internet consists of more than blue and white logos with lowercase letters, Like buttons and news feeds piled high with clickbait).

But I digress…

This website, this is quite possible the simplest, most fun site I’ve built to date. Plans are simple: keep tabs on things I’ve learned from various projects and experiences in my life, share & have fun.

Rinse & repeat.

Lately I’ve been on a Raspberry Pi kick. I gave Pi Zero W’s to nearly all family and friends for Christmas and thought I’d build a site where we could all share what we’ve been busy doing on our new Pis. This site is even hosted on a spare Pi Zero W I had after giving all the others out as gifts. I’m running LEMP stack serving this single site, which is running WordPress. I learned quite a bit about self-hosting and getting all the knobs and switches dialed in to get the networking to behave. I plan to write all those details up in another post later on down the line.

Still a bit of configuring to do to get all the site features working to my liking but I have to say it’s coming along nicely. Great way to start off the New Year!