4000 miles in 2017…

and boy are my legs tired!

A lot of great first for this year. Completed my first organized century ride: Central Georgia Autism’s Journey for the Cure. 100 miles in about 5hrs 11 minutes. That proved to be the fastest century of the year for me. I went on to do several others, but none at that pace. Great ride. Got to see a lot of my long time Central Georgia cycling buddies on that one. Definitely planning to go back in 2018!

I got my butt handed to me in my first sanctioned race in more than 15 years. I later discovered that class & categorizations for road cycling are a bit different than what they used to be for mountain biking and trying to make a comeback at the Master’s State Championship probably isn’t the best idea. I finished though and in the process got bit by the racing bug again and plan to don many number bibs in 2018

Full list of 2018 cycling goals coming soon.

Chris Hood

Chris Hood is an internet marketer with more than 15 years experience in email, organic and paid search marketing for e-commerce businesses. Chris spends most of his downtime riding bikes, tinkering with Raspberry Pis and updating this website. Say hey to Chris sometime.

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